Jamie Lee Curtis goes toe-to-toe with Michael Myers in new 'Halloween' trailer

Nick Schager

There are few horror franchises as acclaimed as Halloween, and even fewer that have lasted as long. Forty years after John Carpenter’s legendary indie smash first debuted, the series will get its 11th (!) installment when director David Gordon Green and co-screenwriter Danny McBride resurrect Michael Myers for an all-new Halloween — whose latest trailer gives fans the best look yet at the fiend’s hunt for his favorite prey.

Set directly after the events of Carpenter’s original (and thus negating the rest of the sequels that followed it), Green’s entry will focus on Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode. Decades after her first run-in with the masked Goliath (Nick Castle), the former babysitter is still preparing for his return. As the above promo illustrates, she doesn’t have to wait long, thanks to a bus crash that allows Michael to revisit his old hometown of Haddonfield. That, in turn, leads to an inevitable showdown in which the once-helpless Strode is anything but an easy target; on the contrary, she’s armed and ready to finally take down the seemingly indestructible killer and make the holiday safe for kids and adults alike. Not that such a task will be easy, given that no matter his advanced age, Michael seems just as battering-ram strong (and eerily stoic) as before.

Produced by horror maestros Blumhouse Productions with the blessing of Carpenter himself, Halloween — following its premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival — arrives in theaters nationwide on Oct. 19.

Watch: Jamie Lee Curtis and cast explain where the new film fits into the franchise’s chronology and how they brought back an iconic character:

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