Jamie Foxx Arrived At Cardi B's Birthday Party And Something Shocking Happened

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Jamie Foxx was turned away by security at rapper Cardi B’s birthday party this week ― and Hollywood is still regaining its breath.

The Oscar-winning actor is generally considered a fine addition to any soiree, so video of him getting the no-go by bouncers at a Los Angeles restaurant Tuesday was still trending on Twitter early Thursday.

In a clip shared by TMZ (watch it below) one doorman appears to finally realize the outlandishness of denying Foxx and says it’s all good ― as if to invite the star in.

“No, we’re not good,” replied Foxx, who then appeared to reassure the guy that there were no hard feelings.

“No no, really really really really,” he insisted. “I love you ... but it was too much.”

Party sources told TMZ that Foxx was initially stopped because he arrived late and did not tell anyone he was coming, let alone with an entourage, so there wasn’t an area for him.

Still, TMZ noted that Foxx being rejected at all from a shindig “NEVER” happens.

A representative for Foxx declined to comment to HuffPost. A Cardi B representative did not immediately respond.

“You know America is broken when even Jamie Foxx can’t get into parties anymore,” Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali joked on Twitter.

Others were shocked too:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.