Jamie Foxx Has Been Appearing In Public This Week, But An Insider Says He’s ‘Not 100 Percent’ Yet

 Jamie Foxx in Baby Driver
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Jamie Foxx is continuing on the road to recovery, despite the fact that most people still have no idea just how long or tough that road will be, because we don’t actually know for sure what the Oscar-winning actor is recovering from. Whatever the medical issue Foxx is dealing with, he has clearly recovered a great deal, as he is now being seen out in public, but it sounds like there is still a lot of recovering left to do.

A source recently spoke to Us Weekly and said that while Jamie Foxx has come a long way and “is starting to feel like himself again” he’s still “not 100 percent” despite the fact that he has taken at least one foray out into public. The actor has been spotted a couple of times in Chicago over the last week. In one case Foxx was seen waving at fans, in another interaction with the public, Foxx returned a lost bag to a stranger, which shows that while he may need to focus on himself right now, he’s still able to think of others.

Back in April Jamie Foxx had some sort of medical emergency and up to now we still don’t have a lot of information about what happened to Foxx or the current state of his health. During a podcast interview, Mike Tyson, a friend of Foxx, who the actor is supposed to play in an upcoming film, stated that Foxx had a stroke, but that has never been confirmed internally. However, it would be consistent with what we do know. In May, Foxx moved from a hospital in Atlanta to a rehab facility in Chicago. Strokes are one of the conditions the location is known to treat, so it is possible that’s what happened.

Whatever the cause of his medical emergency, the fact that Foxx has been seen in public at all is a great sign that recovery is progressing in the right direction. The unnamed source also stated that Jamie Foxx is looking forward to getting back to work “when the time is right” and while that right time could still be a long way off, the statement is still an indication that the expectation is that Foxx will be returning to work at some point. That’s great news for family and fans, not simply because it means we’ll see him on the screen again, but because it means he’s healthy enough to do so.

Fans of Jamie Foxx are currently able to see him in the new Netflix movie They Cloned Tyrone, and his new movie with Cameron Diaz, Back in Action, was reportedly able to complete production despite Foxx’s medical emergency happening during filming. When we’ll see him after that is far from clear, but it is starting to sound like that day is coming.