James Middleton Breaks Silence After Fight With Neighbor Over Noise Complaints: Report

Princess Kate Middleton’s brother, James Middleton, addressed an ongoing fight he’s been having with a neighbor following complaints regarding his Berkshire, England, farm.

“Police were contacted shortly after our son was born as we became increasingly concerned by the activities surrounding a neighbor,” James, 37, said in a statement to U.K.’s The Independent on Sunday, April 21. “West Berkshire Council became involved when our neighbor complained about noise from tractors and animals at the farm along with a series of other complaints.”

The neighbor — who was identified as a man named David Alderton in the report — allegedly hung posters in the village of Stanford Dingley that attacked the Middleton family, according to the article.

David, 65, allegedly told James that “things are gonna get brutal” after he spent months complaining about the noise. Not only did he issue the noise complaint, but The Independent reported that David trespassed on James’ property during the dispute.

James said that the West Berkshire Council did not investigate the claims of “disingenuous complaints,” and added that David “has a history of disputes with neighbors within the village.”

Kate’s younger brother went on to claim that David has trespassed on his property several times, which led him to contact the police. In one alleged instance, James alleged that David – who lives across the street from the family farm – allowed a journalist to film his wife, Alizee Thevenet, and their son, Inigo, with a drone camera.

While James shared his side of the story in the article, David declined to speak to the outlet. However, the motorcycle dealership owner previously slammed James amid their feud while speaking to The Daily Mail in February 2023.

At the time, David claimed that James’ farm was “pumping toxic exhaust fumes into the surrounding countryside” with one of the machines on his property.

James Middleton Breaks Silence After Fight With Neighbor Over Noise Complaints
James Middleton Breaks Silence After Fight With Neighbor Over Noise Complaints

“We have lived here for seven years enjoying everything this wonderful and peaceful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has to offer. But our peace has been shattered,” David said in the statement. “This month we have further been subjected to the unwelcome toxic and noxious ingress of fumes within our home from the clearly unsuitable machinery he uses. It’s a matter of public record that complaints have been made to the local council but nothing has been done.”

He then called James several insults, including “a hoarder” with “ancient, noisy, dirty, smelly” machines on his farm. “It’s a farm so I suppose he thinks he feels justified in having farm machinery even if it’s derelict,” David continued. “But he has a duty of care to his neighbors and the environment – it should not impact on people nearby.”