James Gunn reacts to U.S. Space Force dubbing its members 'Guardians': 'Can we sue?'

Tyler Aquilina
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James Gunn reacts to U.S. Space Force dubbing its members 'Guardians': 'Can we sue?'

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The Guardians of the Galaxy would like a word with the United States government.

Months after unveiling a logo with an uncanny resemblance to that of Star Trek's Starfleet Command, the U.S. Space Force — which, yep, that's still a thing that is happening — announced Friday that its members will be called… "Guardians." It's unclear exactly how that moniker was selected, although a tweet claims it was the result of "a yearlong process that produced hundreds of submissions and research involving space professionals and members of the general public." (It was "a name chosen by space professionals, for space professionals," according to an image posted with the tweet.)

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What is clear, however, is that Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn has some thoughts about the decision — and he's not happy about it.

In a tweet reacting to Vice President Mike Pence's announcement of the "Guardians" moniker, Gunn wrote, "Can we sue this dork?" To which Guardians Vol. 2 star Pom Klementieff (who plays Mantis) responded, "Maybe I can make them all sleep?"

"Maybe for like a year or something please," Gunn replied.

Meanwhile, the official Guardians Twitter account had a more muted but equally bemused reaction: "Who, us?"

And, as always, Gunn had an appropriate needle-drop at the ready.

Gunn is set to return to the Guardians franchise with the upcoming Vol. 3, which star Dave Bautista says will go into production "late next year." Gunn announced last month that he has completed the film's script, but he's currently at work finishing DC's The Suicide Squad, which will hit theaters and HBO Max simultaneously on Aug. 6, 2021.

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