James Gunn Praises Supergirl Movie’s Writer As Development Begins

 Supergirl DC Comics artwork.
Supergirl DC Comics artwork.
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The old DC movie universe isn’t quite done yet, but it feels like we are full steam ahead on the new vision for DC on the big screen. James Gunn recently confirmed that his Superman movie has not been delayed by the recent actors' or writers' strikes. And it appears that since the writers’ strike ended, another key script has been completed. Gunn has announced that there is now a script for the upcoming DC movie Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and he’s hyping it up big time.

Ana Nogueira is the scribe behind the new screenplay, and James Gunn took to Instagram to praise the script, calling it a “unique take” on the character, and saying that the screenplay was even better than he’d hoped it would be. Gunn said in part…

A hearty public welcome to Ana Nogueira to the DC Studios family. Ana is an amazing writer whose screenplay adaptation of Woman of Tomorrow is above and beyond anything I hoped it would be.

Nogueira is an actress and playwright, but Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow marks her first screenplay, making this a huge step forward for her. The story is an adaptation of the DC Comics’ book of the same name which reinvisions Kara Zor-El as a woman who was raised very differently from Clark Kent and thus has become a truly different sort of character.

THR reports that this is Ana Noguiera’s second shot at a Supergirl script as she had actually been hired to write a Supergirl movie as a spinoff from The Flash which had introduced Sasha Calle as the character. There were rumors that a previous version of The Flash set up a future for Calle's Supergirl, which may have set up the spinoff. But when the DCU went the reboot route, that was scrapped.

That version of the character is not the one we will see in Woman of Tomorrow, but the lead role in the new movie has not been officially cast, so who knows, maybe the new movie will be a second chance for more than one person. Calle was one of the elements of The Flash that was generally praised despite the rest of the movie not living up to expectations.

While Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has a script, it’s unclear how quickly the wheels of this particular project will begin to spin up. We know that the Superman: Legacy release date, of July 11, 2025, will mark the first movie of the new DCU, but whether any of the other projects have any specific slot in the timeline is unclear. For everything we know about the DCU’s Gods and Monsters chapter, there’s still a lot that’s missing.

Still, it’s exciting to see another of the DCU’s new projects moving forward. The movie will likely now go in search of its director.