James Gunn Doubles Down on Blue Beetle’s Future in the DCU

Blue Beetle creating a giant Buster sword.
Blue Beetle creating a giant Buster sword.

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn addressed Blue Beetle‘s role in the DC Universe, explicitly stating that audiences will see Jaime Reyes again.

Sharing a photo taken at the film’s premiere, the filmmaker and writer confirmed that Blue Beetle will eventually return. “I can’t wait for audiences to meet Jaime Reyes, who will be an amazing part of the DCU going forward,” Gunn wrote. Many fans have taken this as further evidence that Blue Beetle will ultimately show up in another project with many hoping he’ll at least cameo in the upcoming Booster Gold series given the characters’ connection in the comics.

This isn’t the first time Gunn has spoken about Blue Beetle’s future in the DCU. He previously stating that, while his film Superman: Legacy will be the first movie in the cinematic franchise, he considers Jaime Reyes to be the first character to solidly exist in the reboot. Many are still confused about the state of the connected universe with even actors involved in previous DC movies unsure of their future. Gal Gadot recently announced that Wonder Woman 3 was still in development, a claim which Gunn quickly stated was false.

Beetle Juicing

Blue Beetle follows Jaime Reyes, played by Xolo Maridueña, a recent college graduate who is forced into the life of a superhero after he comes into contact with an alien device known as The Scarab. The artifact grants him a suit of armor that’s capable of morphing into different weapons, an ability that’s put to the test when the insidious Kord Industries declares war on Jaime and his family in their pursuit to steal The Scarab and harness its power. Critics have praised the movie for its genuine writing and solid performances with many stating that Maridueña steals the show.

Blue Beetle lands in theaters on August 18.