Which Co-Star's Name Does James Franco Have Carved In His Arm?

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James Franco takes his art seriously, wearing his passion intelligence on his sleeve. Underneath his sleeve, he takes his art even more seriously -- and is passionate to the extreme.

Franco is participating in an art installation at the Venice Biennale to honor James Dean, the man he played in a 2001 TV movie that won him a Golden Globe. According to the Los Angeles Times, for this installation, Franco will take part in a re-examination of that TV film and display his own work, which he bled for... quite literally.

On display will be a video Franco shot of himself having his "Deuces Wild" co-star Brad Renfro's name being carved into his arm; Renfro died in 2008 of a heroin overdose.

This isn't the only Dean-related project coming up for Franco; he'll direct a biopic of Sal Mineo, Dean's Oscar-nominated co-star from "Rebel Without A Cause."

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For more on the installation, click over to the LA Times.

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