James Corden's and Helen Hunt's deep investigation into #WhoBitBeyoncé

On The Late Late Show, James Corden and Helen Hunt tackled an urgent question: Who bit Beyoncé?

In a special segment for a fake news show called “CBS This Evening,” Corden reported, “It’s been nearly five days since this story was first reported, and with every additional day that passes, this is quickly becoming one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time.” Hunt chimed in: “At this point, there are only two worlds that exist. The world before March 26, 2018, and the world after March 26, 2018. Or, whenever you saw the story trending on Twitter.”

To help them get to the bottom of the viral mystery, Corden and Hunt were joined by field reporter Ben Schwartz and in-studio correspondent Chris O’Dowd. Unfortunately, but also hilariously, none of them could figure out how to throw to each other’s shots. Despite some difficulties, Corden and Hunt assembled the information they had so far. “As we all know, news of Beyoncé’s alleged biter first broke after a GQ interview with Tiffany Haddish went viral earlier this week,” Hunt said.

Haddish recently stated in an Instagram that she will never reveal who bit Beyoncé because she signed a nondisclosure agreement. However, according to the comedian — and confirmed by Chrissy Teigen — the biter is an actress. Hunt wanted to make one thing perfectly clear — it wasn’t her.

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