James Corden’s Funniest Grammy Awards Moments

James Corden got the 59th Annual Grammy Awards off to a bumbling start when the Late Late Show host jokingly messed up his opening as much as possible. There were “technical difficulties,” and he fell down the stairs and lost his shoe — all before he said one word.

After stumbling his way down the stairs and onto the stage, James pulled things back together with a rap about what had happened: “Adele kicked it off/Sang a big song/I fell down the stairs and I knew all along/I’m in over my head/Just not that strong/I’m on 12:30, primetime is just wrong/A hiccup, a cough/Perfection is lost/A really big night let’s save at all costs.”

It was a family affair for James, as his parents were in the audience. But they weren’t sitting together. James’s dad had Heidi Klum sitting on his lap, and when James asked what was going on, his dad responded, “Me and your mom have one of those rules, and Heidi Klum is my free pass.” His mom also took advantage of the free pass as she was sitting next to Nick Jonas, who put his jacket on her shoulders to keep her warm.

The best moment of the night, however, was when James went back to his roots as the “Carpool Karaoke” driver with a star-studded sing-a-long. Neil Diamond, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, John Legend, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw all joined James in a cardboard cutout of a car for Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

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