James Corden and Jason Schwartzman Shoot Random Guy’s Film in Starbucks

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden visited a random Starbucks in Los Angeles, where at any given moment you’re likely to find an aspiring screenwriter, or several, plugging away at what they hope will be the next great screenplay. After talking to a handful of writers, Corden settled on one story and got to work making the film right there in that Starbucks, using mostly people and materials that were already there.

Corden gathered props from behind the counter, including napkins, straws, drink holders, and coffee strainers, and built a set made almost entirely of straws and napkins. He also cast the film using mostly customers, and cast the barista as the female lead. Based solely on the fact that she works at a Starbucks in L.A., Corden assumed she’s an actress, and based on the ability she showed when cameras were rolling, he was probably right.

But Corden was still missing his male lead, so he called up his pal actor Jason Schwartzman. Schwartzman seemed genuinely surprised when he arrived to find Corden with the writer and the barista, and Corden told them to meet the male lead, Constantine, and that they were going to be shooting it right then. The shoot ended with an epic fight scene between Schwartzman and a customer, both using straws as swords.

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