James Charles slams Instagram for 'trash' update

On Nov. 12, James Charles took to his Instagram Story to blast the app’s latest update, calling it “trash”. “As usual, [the update] is absolute trash and proves once again as usual that Instagram does not give a flying f*** about their creators or literally anybody that uses this app”. “It makes it very, very clear where their priorities lie and that is making money and only making money”. Charles went on to throw shade at Instagram Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok. “Now the post button leads you to Reels … Nobody f****** asked for Reels … Why can’t they just let TikTok be TikTok?”. Though Charles can be controversial, many people agreed with his rant. “I can actually agree with him on this,” one person said. “The new update is s***. I wish they would have left it the way it was”. Other users thought he was whining too much over something very inconsequential. “Must be nice to have the Instagram app format be the most pressing concern in your life,” one person said