James Bond’s 12 Goofiest Gadgets, From Lethal Polaroids to Killer Umbrellas

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

For over 50 years, James Bond has been a model of impeccable taste, with his custom cars, perfectly tailored tuxedos, and shaken-not-stirred martinis. However, his gadgets haven’t always maintained that standard of cool. From the lethal butterflies of A View to Kill to the decapitating umbrella from For Your Eyes Only, Yahoo Movies uncovered the 12 goofiest weapons in Bond’s arsenal. Watch the video above.

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Truly, 007’s crazy gadgets might have reached their peak zaniness in the 1980s, when Bond hid in the mouth of a decoy crocodile (Octopussy); took killer pictures with a laser-shooting Polaroid camera (License to Kill); and watched MI-6 roll out its custom “ghetto blaster,” a bullet-shooting boom box (The Living Daylights). Then again, wacky Bond weapons go way back, as evidenced by the cigarette cannon in 1967’s You Only Live Twice. And the trend continued right into the Pierce Brosnan years, with the invisible Aston Martin from Die Another Day and machine-gun bagpipes in The World is Not Enough. For better or worse, Daniel Craig’s 007 has been more down-to-earth in his choice of accessories — though with SPECTRE harkening back to classic Bond, maybe we’ll spot a hairbrush radio in the background.