The James Bond Rumor Mill Lit Up Again For Richard Madden, And Stanley Tucci And A Couple Of Martinis Were Involved

 Stanley Tucci and Richard Madden pictured side by side, from Citadel.
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Citadel, the latest Amazon Prime series to grace the 2023 TV schedule, has been making fans out of viewers looking for some action in between James Bond movies. And, funny enough that kind of excitement has carried over into the world of the 007 rumor mill, as stars Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci have made the day of fans hoping for their potential casting in the legendary franchise. And of course, a couple of martinis being involved only fanned the flames further.

A video shared on Instagram shows Madden and Tucci sharing a drink, potentially in celebration of their streaming series making its recent debut for those with a Prime Video subscription. Watching the video shared below, you can see how the friendship between the men is so comfortable that even an awkward silence is comedy gold.

While there were some that picked up on Citadel’s co-stars having a bit of a time trying to come up with “dialogue” for their post-drink reaction, James Bond wound up finding his way into the conversation rather easily. As Richard Madden has been a strong competitor in past 007 betting odds, it’s rather hard not to have a conversation about espionage or martini adjacent activities without imagining him in that fabled tuxedo.

Commenters confirmed as much, as most reacted with tons of love and best wishes for not only Madden, but also Stanley Tucci, when it came to landing Bond series roles. Though as you can see from the sampling we’ve picked out for display below, there was a lot more than simple adoration for these actors at work:

  • rob.harris.125: “I don’t know what drinks look like, but if that’s Richard Madden drinking a Martini that’s been shaken, not stirred……imma hit the roof with excitement.”

  • kbond88: “New Bond and Q?!”’

  • mjrdooley: “Yaaaaaaaaasss!! The world IS ready for the first Gay JB!”

  • requiemandbeyond: “Two very handsome men”

  • jesse.donovan: “This was hot…”

That’s what happens when you take a part in a spy thriller like Citadel, happen to be a dapper gentleman who looks good in finely tailored suits, and sits down for drinks with Stanley Tucci. Although the suggestion of The Devil Wears Prada vet becoming the new Q is another fun thing to consider. The chemistry between these two isn't just a fluke either, as CinemaBlend's Erik Swann got to capture Tucci's funny reaction to Richard Madden's big takeaway from his stunt work on the Russo Brothers produced action/adventure.

It makes sense, as if Ben Whishaw’s latest speculations turn out to be correct, the post-Daniel Craig James Bond era will need a new quartermaster to go with the new face of 007. Then again, casting Stanley Tucci and Richard Madden might be too much for the world, or Prime Video, to take on, especially with Citadel already renewed for Season 2 and Bond 26 intended to go into production in 2024.

Reeling it back into the gun barrel of the present, Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci can currently be seen in Citadel. The first two episodes have premiered on Prime Video, with weekly installments keeping the fun going for viewers who love lavish spy dramas, and untrustworthy spies trying to save the world. As for drink recommendations, let the lads in the video above steer you to what you should be toasting when you get started.