Jameela Jamil's Worst Date Story Is So Chaotic, I Cannot

If you didn't know, Jameela Jamil has a new podcast out called Bad Dates, where she speaks to other celebrities about, well, their worst date stories.

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On Tuesday, she appeared on Today to talk about the podcast, which naturally led to the hosts asking if she's had any negative dating experiences herself. "I have," Jameela confessed.

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Elaborating on her worst date ever, Jameela said: "I had a man take several steps into my apartment in what was supposed to be my first ever booty call." He was barely inside the apartment, Jameela explained, when he ended up suffering a medical emergency and collapsing in the doorway. "He collapsed three steps in, he broke all of his front teeth. They flew across my apartment."

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"He split his chin open and collapsed," Jameela continued. "And it's because he had misused a drug that excites a man's sausage, is the only way I can say that."

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Al Roker looking dead into the camera

Flabbergasted, Craig Melvin declared that this was officially the "worst" date story he's ever heard, but Jameela insisted she's heard far more disturbing things on her show.

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"You think it is [the worst], but it isn't. I cannot tell you what I've heard on this podcast. I stay awake for hours in the middle of the night rethinking [things I've heard]," she said. "It is not safe to listen to with your children, but it is an amazing listen."

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You can check out the show for yourself now on Apple, Spotify, and other places you get your podcasts.