Jai Courtney Thinks It's Time to Give 'Terminator' Franchise a Rest

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  • Jai Courtney
    Jai Courtney
    Australian actor

Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese runs from Byung-hun Lee as T-1000 in ‘Terminator Genisys’ (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Jai Courtney has become a go-to guy for Hollywood blockbuster franchises — he’s been in A Good Day to Die Hard, Divergent, Jack Reacher, and now this Friday’s eagerly anticipated Suicide Squad. When it comes to the ‘Terminator’ series he tried to help rejuvenate last summer, however, the 30-year-old Australian-born actor thinks it might be time to permanently lay it to rest.

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Speaking to Jason Guerrasio at Business Insider, Courtney revealed that he isn’t too broken up about the thought that last July’s Terminator Genisys — in which he starred as futuristic freedom fighter Kyle Reese alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke — might be the franchise’s last installment for a while. In an especially candid moment, he confessed:

“I’ve certainly become unattached to the idea of it having to come around again. If it seems like an obvious movie to make then cool. But with ‘Terminator,’ who knows, it’s probably time to leave it where it is. But if they can get back in there and dig around and decide there is another film to make, I’ll take the call.”

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Genisys earned an underwhelming $89.7 million at the domestic box office, and though it fared better overseas — helping it amass a $440 million global haul — that probably isn’t enough to convince Paramount to greenlight another sequel, at least with its most recent cast. Courtney’s Suicide Squad, however, is poised to be one of this summer’s breakout hits, with polling suggesting that it could debut with upwards of $125 million this weekend.

You can read more of Courtney’s thoughts on the Terminator series at Business Insider. Suicide Squad blasts into theaters on Friday.

Jai Courtney talks playing Kyle Reese in ‘Terminator Genisys’: