Jadakiss opens up on past beef with 50 Cent, why he respects him

Jadakiss, 50 Cent
Jadakiss, 50 Cent

In a video shared on YouTube by “I Am Athlete” yesterday (Feb. 27), Jadakiss opened up on a variety of topics, including how he once found himself beefing with 50 Cent and how he respects his fellow New York rapper for making amends with a Houston emcee.

During one portion of the roughly one-hour interview, Jadakiss’ early 2000s hit “New York” featuring Fat Joe and Ja Rule was brought up. Host Ashley Nicole Moss discussed how the track would go on to fuel a beef between Kiss and 50. “You said that you equate hopping on that track with Fat Joe and Ja Rule to starting your beef with 50,” she said. It’s no secret that Ja and the “Power” creator had (and still have) one of the most notable public hip hop feuds in recent times. Moss continued, “Did you think that it was going to ignite a beef when you hopped on the track? Or did you think, ‘Listen, it’s not that deep? It’s enough money to go around.’”

“I didn’t think [50] was on that type of time. Because… it was just a good song. And I knew Ja for years. I knew Ja since Cash Money clicked, so I didn’t know it was gonna piss my man Fif’ off,” Jadakiss responded. Another interviewer asked the “We Gonna Make It” artist if he realized how “petty” 50 could be. “I didn’t know he was just that pissed off at Ja that anybody that did a song with him… that’s another level of anger,” Jada said before adding that 50 is “by far the top” pettiest person.

The hosts, in agreement, then discussed 50’s reputation for trolling people on social media. “Fif’ is official though ‘cause he apologized to Meg. I thought that was dope,” Jadakiss interjected. When asked why, he said, “Because he was clowning her before the verdict of the trial… he basically said she was lying… as a man, he apologized.” The “In Da Club” rapper is known to take aim at just about anybody, and the group was referring to 50 Cent mocking the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez case.

Catch the full interview below.

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