Jada Pinkett Smith Defended Her LA Home Against Hooded Intruders

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Jada Pinkett Smith recently braved two hooded individuals who recently attempted to break into her Los Angeles residence.

According to reports, the criminals attempted to gain entry via a balcony as they believed the house to be empty. Unfortunately, their plans were foiled as the talk show host was at home and her presence scared them away.

Home Invaders Were Threatened By Jada Pinkett Smith's Presence

While it is sadly not uncommon for high-profile and successful celebrities like Pinkett Smith to face serious security threats, it still came as a shock to her. As already mentioned, the actress fell victim to an attempted home break-in, where two individuals attempted to enter her residence before 8 PM.

Upon spotting the intruders, she quickly notified the authorities, resulting in a prompt response from law enforcement. However, the perpetrators were not apprehended as they had already escaped by the time the cops arrived.

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The motive behind the attempted robbery remains unclear, as investigators have yet to determine whether the "Red Table Table" co-host was specifically targeted or if the incident was part of a broader trend targeting affluent residences in the Los Angeles area. Per sources, following the attempted burglary, deputies filed a report and launched an official investigation into the matter.

Pinkett Smith is the latest celebrity to be a victim of home invasions. In December, “John Wick” star Keanu Reeves had his fighting skills put to test when multiple masked men broke into his LA home.

Prior to the break-in, The Blast reported that Pinkett Smith suffered a loss when her family dog, Fang, passed away at 15. The Daytime Emmy Award recipient honored the cherished memories she shared with the husky using photos from a hike they took together in an Instagram post.

"Last night, we lost one of our furry sons, Fang. He brought so much love into our family, our animal pack, and (our)community. Thank you, Fang, for 15 years of pure joy. We are going to miss you soooooo much," she penned in the accompanying text beneath the images.

Words of sympathy immediately began pouring in via the comment section, with one fan writing, "My sincerest sympathy for you and your family," and a second effusing, "He was the SWEETEST!! The most beautiful eyes, and such a loving soul! Love you Fang!!"

Celebrities also dropped their condolences, as DJ Jazzy Jeff stated, "😢😢😢😢 Rest well my friend," YouTuber Lisa Bilyeu expressed, "Omg, this is so heartbreaking!!! Being a doggy mama, I know how hard this is! Sending you so much love, homie," and Jordyn Woods simply dropped a sad face emoji.

Pinkett Smith Has No Plans To Walk Away From Her Marriage

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

Pinkett Smith's love life has also made headlines in recent times, especially after she announced that she and her husband Will Smith have been separated since 2016 during the release of her memoir “Worthy.” She shared more insights into the union in November and disclosed their intention to remain "together forever."

The 52-year-old previously shared in an interview that she and Will made a commitment to never find a reason to end their marriage. She also emphasized their determination to stick together through any challenge, declaring, "We will work through whatever. And I just haven't been able to break that promise."

As far as Pinkett Smith is concerned, her years-long separation from the "Bad Boys" actor positively impacted their marriage. "As far as Will, my relationship with him, you know, we went through that long period of separation … in order for us to journey separately and do some journeying together,” she divulged

The Baltimore native elaborated that the separation led them to a "really, really beautiful place together" and has brought them both genuine happiness. She concluded, "Yeah, that's where I am. In this chapter of my life, I am finally happy."

Meanwhile, Will reiterated his wife's sentiments about never giving up on their relationship during a conversation on TIDAL's "Rap Radar" podcast. He revealed: 

"There's no deal breakers. There's nothing she could do—ever—nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death, and it feels so good to get to that space."