Jackbox Games Gets Naughty With Its First M-Rated Party Video Game

Jackbox announces M-rated Naughty Pack
Jackbox announces M-rated Naughty Pack

Jackbox has been a party game staple for some time and usually tries to keep things family-friendly. However, that’s changing with the announcement of the M-rated Jackbox Naughty Pack at the ID@Xbox Showcase on Monday.

Jackbox announces M-rated Naughty Pack at Xbox showcase

Coming later this year, the Naughty Pack is Jackbox’s first-ever M-rated pack. Developers describe the Naughty Pack as “an intimate pack of three games that are sure to have you laughing and maybe even sweating just a little.” It also shared a humorous teaser trailer showing that even cardboard boxes have a romantic side.

The trailer features quotes from a consumer named Carol asking Jackbox to, “Please make a game just for adults.” However, she isn’t only one looking for an M-rated party game. Jackbox says it has received multiple requests for an adult-only party game on social media and from customer feedback surveys. “Like in any healthy relationship,” the studio says, “we’ve been listening.”

Jackbox released Party Pack 10 last year, featuring five games. Tee K.O. 2 is a drawing guessing game for 3-8 players, while Timejinx is a 1-8 player time travel-themed video game. Meanwhile, Dodo Re Mi and Hypnotorious are a rhythm game and social deduction game, respectively. Finally, FixyText sees players create chaotic responses to text messages. Additionally, previous packs have included word games like Quiplash and the trivia game You Don’t Know Jack.

Jackbox hasn’t revealed the games in the Naughty Pack or announced the pack’s precise release date. However, the studio says the fans will get more information this summer.

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