Jack Harlow Weighs In on Pete Davidson’s Appeal

Jack Harlow Weighs In on Pete Davidson’s Appeal

It's Pete Davidson's world and we're all just living in it.

Pete was among the trailblazers, artists and world leaders named by Time in the Most Influential List of 2022. He joined the likes of Simu Liu, Mila Kunis, and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner. But what exactly is it about Pete that everyone can't help but love? His friend Jack Harlow has some thoughts.

In a Time tribute essay, the "First Class" singer recalled Pete first landing on his radar at the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber. "I was a junior in high school at the time, and I had never seen or heard of him," he wrote. "He got to the mic, made a joke about his own dad dying during 9/11, and I immediately knew he was a different breed."

After being introduced to Pete through a friend on FaceTime, Jack shared that the comedian "pushed" to get him on Saturday Night Live—despite having never met in-person.

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And even after Jack landed the gig, something he called a "genuine dream come true for me and my family," he remembered how Pete's hospitality and warmth never wavered.

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"The night before the show, I went over to Pete's apartment and he made my friend and me laugh until our stomachs hurt," he wrote. "I felt like I was experiencing elite comedy up close and personal."

As for Pete's allure? Jack explained that it "has everything to do with his authenticity."

"He doesn't try to hide the person that he is. It's a classic recipe for success and connection," he wrote, adding that being around Pete makes him want to "continue to reach even further for the realest version of myself."

"We don't have another one of him. He's daring, thoughtful, and simply hilarious," Jack concluded. "And he's only 28. An icon with so much more left to accomplish."

Now this is a bromance we won't be able to get enough of anytime soon.