Jack Black on How Close He Was to Playing Green Lantern and Other 'Things We've Always Wondered'

We’ve missed you, Jack Black. The actor hasn’t starred in a movie in three years since 2012’s sleeper hit Bernie. But that changes this week with his edgy new dramatic comedy, The D Train. It’s got a twisty plot you should avoid reading too much about, but we’ll tell you this: Black plays an oddball Pittsburgh salesman determined to lure his “famous” classmate, a TV commercial actor played by James Marsden, back to town for their high-school reunion.

In our new episode of 'Things We’ve Always Wondered’ above, Black tells us about attending his own 20th high school reunion (“It was a little nerve-wracking”) and what he was like as a teenager (“I was a theatre nerd…. I was pretty popular with those kids, but not so much with the rest of the school”).

Black also answers some fan questions on when we’ll be hearing another Tenacious D album (soon) and how much cash he carries in his wallet (“just shy of a hundo”).

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He also delves into his close brush with playing superhero Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Green Lantern, before the role ultimately went to Ryan Reynolds in a more “serious” take on the story. “There was a really funny script, an awesome script that I wanted to do, by the genius Robert Smigel [Triumph the Insult Comic Dog]… but they didn’t want to pull the trigger. They were making zillions of dollars with all their other superhero movies — they didn’t want to mess with that formula. ”

Warner Bros. and DC Comics does have a Justice League movie in the works, with Green Lantern yet to be added or cast. But Black isn’t optimistic about getting a second chance: “Yeah, they’re not going to call me.”

The D Train is now in theaters. Watch the trailer below: