Jaboukie on How The Drums’ Portamento Spoke to His Young Queer Self

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Comedian, actor, writer, and musician Jaboukie was already a fan of The Drums by the time their second album, Portamento, was released, but the project would end up taking his love of the band to an entirely new level.

On this episode of The Spark Parade, Jaboukie chats about how Portamento solidified his relationship with The Drums and why it struck such an emotional chord. He explains how he was drawn in by the vulnerable honesty of the lyrics and the connection between singer Jonathan Pierce’s queerness and Portamento’s thematic landscape.

“It just felt like it was hitting all the emotional notes of being a young queer person. Every song pertained to something that I was immediately going through at that time,” he explains. “I remember hearing those songs and almost feeling like I was in a Truman Show. Like, who’s been following me, who’s been watching me?”

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Jaboukie on How The Drums’ Portamento Spoke to His Young Queer Self
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