Ja Rule Gives History Lesson On Snitching In Light Of Takeoff’s Death

Ja Rule has given his own breakdown behind the history of snitching in light of the lack of a detained suspect in the murder of late rap star Takeoff.

The Queens native recently appeared on an episode of Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens and provided insight on the subject of informing police with incriminating information in an investigation.

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“Let me break down what snitchin’ really is and how that works,” said the “Always On Time” rapper. “You talkin’ about people in our communities that are civilians. You can’t be a snitch if you not a part of the criminal organization or you’re not a part of the crime. Snitching, that label goes for people that are a part of the actual crime or the criminal organization. Which, none of that falls on civilians.”

The 46-year-old notes that the concept of snitching “came from the Mob” and that implicating them in crimes was a practice looked down upon due to Italian gangsters’ charitable and philanthropic efforts in their neighborhoods.

“They were men of honor and integrity, even though they were crime bosses and criminals.” He continued, adding, “What they were protecting were people that they felt were protecting their communities. People who gave back to their community. People who did things for their community. What we’re talkin’ about is not that. We’re talkin’ about people who are destroying our community.”

Ja also admitted his own role in the promotion of violence within Hip-Hop culture, harkening back to his signature “It’s murder!” ad-lib and its influence.

“There is a difference between entertainment and art, and what we do, and what it really is,” he said. The 46-year-old also shared that over time, his own outlook on the role Hip-Hop, gun culture and music play in society evolved, stating “You see things a lot differently. You see the world a lot differently.”

He concluded, “It’s just sad, but we as a people are not ready for the real conversation.”

Watch Ja Rule’s appearance on Fox Soul’s Cocktails with Queens below.

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