iZombie Boss Previews Final Season's Family Reunion, Liv and Major's Future

iZombie is finally bringing Liv’s family back together: Yes, the undead heroine will get a visit from her MIA mother and brother during the fifth and final season, premiering this Thursday (The CW, 8/7c).

And there’s more good news: Things might also be looking up for Liv and her ex Major, executive producer Rob Thomas reveals in the following Q&A. Read on as the EP previews Blaine’s “comeuppance,” two friends’ big disagreement and more.

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TVLINE | Last time we talked after the Season 4 finale, you felt like the show could have gone on even longer. Now that you’ve wrapped Season 5, how do you feel about where the story has ended?
Well, the thing I will say is after this season wraps, I do not feel like we could go any longer. [Laughs] We really end the show this time. It’s like the first time in my career I’ve gotten to know when the end was going to be, and we wrote to it. We pretty much tied up everything. There might be one kind of lingering question at the end, but I think fans will be satisfied with the level of completion we brought the show to at the end of this season.

TVLINE | What was your approach to the final season? What things did you feel like were important to really hit upon and to give closure to?
“Will zombieism be cured?” is a big one. “What’s the fate of Major and Liv’s relationship?” is another. “What will Seattle look like at the end of this season?” was another thing that we wanted to clear up. And then a storyline that we’ve been kind of playing for a couple seasons now is: Will the center hold? I’m not always trying to do the show as a parable or anything, but it did feel reflective of what’s going on in America. It’s a very fractured society, and there are people way out on both sides, and the question here is: Will society — the humans and zombies in Seattle — be able to live together peacefully? That’s certainly what the heroes of our show are working on. Blaine and Don E are much less concerned with whether we can all get along or not. [Laughs]

TVLINE | At the end of the last season, Liv was really embracing her new identity as Renegade. What is her journey in this final season?
Well, she certainly has that going on, and that does not subside. She’s going to help some people into Seattle that are going to be more than one-episode guest stars. So we’re going to play out some stories of some people she brings into Seattle. And this year, I can promise it will happen: We’re going to explore Liv’s family life. We will see what has become of her family.

iZombie Spoilers
iZombie Spoilers

TVLINE | What is the state of Liv and Major’s relationship in Season 5?

I’ll tell you a little about the beginning of it… They certainly didn’t end in a great place at the end of Season 4. The way Major has changed Fillmore Graves is certainly impressing Liv. I think she is softening to him and realizing that they are on the same side, which I don’t think she has felt over the past couple of seasons. I think Major is sort of being the Fillmore Graves leader that Liv would have wanted him to be.

TVLINE | Considering what she’s been through in her past relationships and all the boyfriends she’s lost, is she even thinking like, “Maybe, one day, Major and I can get back together”? Is that on her mind at all?
I do not think she’s thinking that. That’s not on her mind. Being her boyfriend is like being the drummer for Spinal Tap. It tends not to end well. We have tended to have a love interest per season for [Liv], but that is not our plan this year. It’s all business. As we come down to the wire, there’s not a lot of time for romance.

TVLINE | Peyton is now the acting mayor of Seattle. At the same time, her friend is Renegade, her other friend is in charge of Fillmore Graves, her other friend is a cop, her other friend is trying to find a cure. Does that cause conflicts within the group?
It’s going to cause huge problems. … Major and Peyton are going to come to real loggerheads. Major and Peyton have very different points of view on some things. It will test their friendship. So yeah, it does create some difficulties. Knowing this is the final season, it felt OK to put all of our characters in positions of some power. They really do have a big hand in controlling the fate and destiny of Seattle and zombie-kind.

iZombie Spoilers
iZombie Spoilers

TVLINE | Over the past four seasons, we’ve seen Blaine get away with a lot of stuff. Is that all going to start to catch up with him?

Yeah, Blaine gets to a very dark place this season. He’s certainly looking out for number one. One of the big questions is: What, if any, comeuppance is Blaine going to get for his five years of being a dick?

iZombie fans, what are you most excited to see? Hit the comments with your final-season thoughts, and stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop!

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