Ittefaq Ending Explained & Spoilers: How Did Sonakshi Sinha’s Movie End?

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Ittefaq is a 2017 Hindi neo-noir thriller directed by Abhay Chopra. Its complex narrative and stunning climax captivated audiences, revealing deeper layers of deception and murder. The film features Sidharth Malhotra as Vikram Sethi, Sonakshi Sinha as Maya, and Akshaye Khanna as Officer Dev Verma. Ittefaq perfectly crafts its mystery through the differing perspectives of the main characters, echoing the Rashomon effect.

Through its continuous twists and the moral ambiguities it presents, Ittefaq offers a modern take on the idea of a classic thriller. The film also revitalizes the genre in Indian cinema and provides ample material for discussions on ethics, justice, and the human psyche. The film is available to stream on Netflix.

Why was Vikram Sethi fleeing?

The story centers on Vikram Sethi, a British-Indian novelist, who finds himself embroiled in two murders. The film opens with Vikram fleeing after cops find out about the death of his wife, Katherine. Katherine is found dead under mysterious circumstances in their hotel room in Mumbai. The police suspect Vikram, who, in a panicked state, flees the scene. However, in a twist, he gets involved in another murder at the home of Maya, where her husband, Shekhar, is killed.

Vikram and Maya narrate conflicting versions of the events leading to Shekhar’s murder. According to Vikram, after his car crash, while escaping the police, he sought help at Maya’s apartment. He claims that Maya tried to seduce him, and during his visit, an intruder attacked him. On the other hand, Maya tells the police that Vikram, upon entering her home, held her at knife-point. She also accuses Vikram of killing Shekhar during a struggle after her husband unexpectedly returned home.

As Officer Dev Verma digs deeper into the case, evidence emerges that complicates both stories. Forensic results indicate that Shekhar was killed by someone matching Vikram’s height. However, burnt photographs found in the trash hint at a possible affair between Maya and another man, Chirag. Given the fact that he is approximately the same height as Vikram, it further raises suspicions about Maya’s involvement. The investigation takes many twists as Dev uncovers layers of deceit, with each clue pointing in different directions.

Ittefaq ending: Who was the killer?

The truth is dramatically unveiled when Vikram, cleared of all charges and about to leave India, makes a startling confession to Dev over a phone call. He admits to killing both Katherine and Shekhar. Katherine was planning to expose Vikram for triggering the suicide of a woman he wrote about in his book, with Shekhar as her legal aide. Vikram confesses to orchestrating the entire scenario to frame Maya and Chirag, using the burnt photographs as evidence of an affair and motive for murder.

With Vikram’s confession, the narrative of deceit he crafted is laid bare. However, he slips through the legal system, leaving India before Dev can arrest him. The film ends with Dev grappling with the frustration of Vikram escaping justice and the bitter reality of his manipulation.

Ittefaq concludes with a dark introspection into the nature of truth and justice. The film’s well-woven plot invite viewers to ponder the lengths to which individuals will go to hide their darkest secrets. This unresolved ending serves as a chilling reminder of the imperfections of the legal system and the complexity of human motives.

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