The Isley Brothers Set To Appear On ‘Drink Champs’

The latest guests to land in the hot seat on Drink Champs are none other than The Isley Brothers. Ernie and Ronald Isley sit with award-winning hosts, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, to discuss their six-decade career and dish about their longtime friends including Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

In a minute-long teaser, the “Contagious” crooner recalled a moment watching the Songs In The Key Of Life singer cross the street alone, which naturally caused Noreaga to question, “Wait, what?”

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Ronald told someone to “go get him, man” because the cars were allegedly blaring their horns at Stevie’s attempt to cross the street without any help, including a cane. When he asked if Stevie knew he was in the midst of oncoming traffic, Ronald shook his head, declaring, “I don’t know.”

EFN chimed in, “These Stevie stories are legendary,” referencing previous accounts from the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and others on odd occurrences with the legend.

When the former NBA player was a guest on the podcast back in October 2022, he spoke on the time when he and Stevie lived in the same building. While riding the elevator, Shaq remembered seeing him, but not saying anything. However, when Stevie said, “What up Diesel,” before getting off, the encounter left the athlete-turned-commentator shook.

Earlier this year, the Drink Champs hosts signed a new distribution deal with Warner Music Group’s Interval Presents and are “ready to take things to the next level for [them] and the culture at large.”

For those wondering why these trailblazers would appear on Drink Champs, the answer goes back to a conversation they previously had with Billboard. “It’s very important to work with the new generation,” the 81-year-old explained. “That’s what keeps you up with the music and what’s going on and what they’re feeling […] It keeps us young. Follow the yellow brick road or The Isley Brothers road.”

The full episode will premiere across platforms starting on Thursday (March 16) via REVOLT.

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