Islanders Report Rare Sighting of Walrus Off Irish Coast

Onlookers were stunned when they witnessed an walrus appear on the shores of Valentia Island in Kerry, Ireland, on March 14.

Islander Alan Houlihan was among the first to spot the walrus. “He’s huge, he’s about the size of a bull or a cow,” he told the Irish Examiner. “Myself and my daughter were out walking on the beach down near the lighthouse. He breached out of the water onto the rocks and gave us a bit of a show."

Seanie Murphy got a call from Houlihan about the creature and rushed to see for himself. “I just live about three minutes away from where the Walrus came ashore,” Murphy told Storyful. “I immediately went down and began taking photos and shooting some video footage.”

Local woman Aisling Quigley spotted the walrus as well and went back to look for the walrus again on Monday, March 15, but didn’t see it. Credit: Seanie Murphy via Storyful