Iron Maiden merch alert: the 40th anniversary Piece Of Mind graphic novel includes a story by Bruce Dickinson

 Eddie the head and someone wearing a pair of Iron Maiden goggles over their crash helmet.
Eddie the head and someone wearing a pair of Iron Maiden goggles over their crash helmet.
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The 40th anniversary of Iron Maiden's 1983 album Piece Of Mind is to be celebrated with the publication of a graphic novel. The book contains original stories for each of the album's nine tracks, including one for Revelations penned by frontman Bruce Dickinson – who received his first solo writing credit on the original song – alongside X-Men Unlimited, Doctor Who, Superboy, Star Trek and Starship Troopers writer Tony Lee.

“When the idea of a Piece of Mind 40th Anniversary graphic novel first came up, I felt it was the perfect medium to expand outside the confines of the songs and to create new storylines and new dimensions through short form narrative and imagery,” says Dickinson. “With Revelations, it allowed me to add more layers and dimensions to the lyrics and add a new twist.

“Equally as exciting was bringing together some of the top writers and illustrators in the industry who are all actual fans of the band, to add their own creative ideas inspired by the songs, Eddie, and the album itself. Z2 did a tremendous job in pulling this all together to create more than just a graphic novel, it’s what I consider a work of art."

Other contributors to the novel include Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood, who's written a piece entitled Piece Of Mind At 40, plus writers and illustrators who've contributed to the likes of The October Faction, 24Seven, Viking, Rogue Trooper, Conspiracy of Ravens, iZombie, Hit-Girl and more.

The book, which will arrive on November 21, comes from Z2, who've previously worked with the likes of Blondie, Elvis Presley, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Grateful Dead, Mötley Crüe, The Doors, Anthrax, Ronnie James Dio, King Diamond, Babymetal and Alter Bridge. Five different editions are available, and they're available to pre-order now.

Elsewhere in Iron Maiden's Ever-Growing Empire Of Officially Licensed Products, custom eyewear brand Melon Optics have launched a Maiden-branded collection.

"The limited edition Melon Optics x Iron Maiden Collection has risen to awaken your inner metalhead trail thrasher," say the brand. "Carved with the same Powerslave precision as a mind-melting Iron Maiden guitar solo, these goods have arrived with fire and force so you can ride free and rock out in style."

The collection, which includes some "Diablo Eddie" goggles and a pair of Run To The Hills protective gloves, is available to pre-order now.