Iris Apatow Reveals If Mom Leslie Mann Approves of Boyfriend Ryder Robinson

So this is what it's like being a part of the Apatow family.

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow's youngest daughter, Iris Apatow, may be all grown up with a blossoming acting career of her own, but that doesn't mean she's itching to leave the nest—or rather, bubble. After all, she worked both her parents in the upcoming Netflix movie, The Bubble, with Iris and Leslie sharing the screen alongside a star-studded cast of Karen Gillan, Maria Bakalova, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Armisen and David Duchovny in the Judd-directed comedy.

In an exclusive chat with E! News to promote the new film, Iris sat down with her mom and gave a glimpse of their family dynamic—including what her parents thought of her relationship with boyfriend Ryder Robinson. When asked if Leslie ad Judd approved of her romance with the 18-year-old son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson, Iris replied, "Yes, of course."

The 19-year-old actress went on to say that Leslie could even "chaperone a date with me and Ryder because I know she loves him."

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Iris, who went public with Ryder on Valentine's Day, revealed that older sister Maude Apatow has also given him her seal of approval. "My whole family loves him," she shared. "And my sister loves him. She's the first person to be like, 'He's the best.'"

Iris Apatow, Ryder Robinson, Celeb Offspring Who Have Dated

Another thing that the family loves? Watching Euphoria. As Leslie put it, they're one "proud family" when it comes to seeing Maude play the fan-favorite Lexi Howard on the HBO series.

"Oh my gosh, we're so proud," she raved. "It's very, very exciting."

While Iris said she had weekly "watch parties" with her friends to see the drama—or the chemistry between Lexi and Angus Cloud's Fezco—unfold, her parents have a different approach to tackling the show given its mature subject matter. "We get scared of Euphoria," Judd joked in a separate interview with E! News. "We're parents, so sometimes we would watch them months apart because we would have to prepare."

That also means watching the episodes when Maude is out of the room. "We didn't watch them ever with Maude," he explained. "That's not something she wants to go through."

Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Iris Apatow, Judd Apatow
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Joking that he and his wife just "cried the whole time," he added, "I think the show was brilliant this year. It really was remarkable, and then I feel shame about the fact that I am not a good director."

Clearly, this family of funny people are also very talented.

The Bubble premieres on Netflix Friday, April 1.