Iranian-made drones: Russians learn from their mistakes, but Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing surprises


Ukraine’s Air Force says Russia has reduced the number of rocket strikes on Ukraine in recent days, but it also has increased the presence of drones in Ukraine’s airspace.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, Air Force Command spokesman, on Belsat TV channel

Details: According to Ihnat, the Russian forces are now saving expensive cruise missiles, using them less frequently; instead, they tend to launch more attacks with the use of kamikaze drones, which Russia had received from Iran.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces are learning to effectively counter them.

According to the spokesman of the Air Force, several hundred attack drones could have been delivered from Iran to the Russian Federation by four Il-76 transporters.

Quote: "The Armed Forces of Ukraine faced a new challenge. In recent days, Kharkiv region, Odesa region and Mykolaiv region have been attacked by these loitering munitions.

(To shoot them down) all types of weapons are used: small arms, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-aircraft missiles; in perspective, electronic warfare may be supposed, too.

All methods are currently being studied in order to be practised more effectively on these UAVs.

8 out of 10 among the first drones (launched by the enemy) were shot down; the enemy from his mistakes, and used new tactical moves, but we are also practising countermeasures. There is still a threat, but the target can be shot down."

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