Iranian Actress Banned From Acting For Posting Online Pics Without Hijab


An Iranian actress has been banned from acting and branded ‘immoral’ after she posted pictures of herself online without her hijab.

Sadaf Taherian put the pictures of herself on her Facebook and Instagram pages in protest against strict laws in Iran that decree women cover their heads.

But the pictures soon drew the attention of the Iranian ministry of culture.

She’s since had to flee to nearby Dubai after facing public abuse over the pictures, with officials even reportedly doctoring them, Photoshopping her hijab back on.


It’s been law since 1979 that Iranian women cover their hair in public.

Speaking on Tablet, a TV show on the Voice of America’s Persian language channel, she said: “I was nervous and worried about how people would react to my photos.


“I did not expect this from the people of Iran, from my own culture – to hear so many insults.

“I can only feel sorry for their reaction and I have nothing else to say. When I wore the hijab on screen I did it for the love of my career and the demand of the film. I want to live in a place and live the way that makes me happy.” .”

She also spoke about instances of sexual harassment that she had experienced while working as an actress.


“It bothered me when I was acting and the director was thinking about me in any way except acting,” she said.

“He was only waiting for the scene to finish so he could whisper in my ear again

“They would put five or six contracts in front of me with only one condition: One month – to be with them.”

She now hopes to continue acting in Dubai.

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Image credits: Instagram