Iran central bank governor removed after run for president

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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s Cabinet dismissed the governor of the central bank on Sunday after he decided to run for the June 18 presidential election, state TV reported.

The report said the decision was taken after Abdonasser Hemmati decided to run in presidential elections and “it prevents him from having a sufficient presence in the central bank and carrying out the serious duties and responsibilities of the CBI chief in the sensitive areas of money and currency.”

The report also said Deputy Governor Akbar Komijani would be taking over all responsibilities from Hemmati, who had held the position since 2018.

Hemmati in an Instagram post thanked Rouhani, and said the president has the power to dismiss him. “I thank the president for his trust, especially in the first year of my service.”

On Wednesday, Iran's Guardian Council — clerics and jurists who approve presidential candidates — approved only seven out of some 590 applicants.

The Council on Tuesday barred former parliament speaker Ali Larijani, a conservative allied with Rouhani, as well as former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from running.