New iOS update to let you unsend embarrassing texts and jazz up your lock screen

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An Apple Store
An Apple Store

One could make the argument that Apple perfected the iPhone a few years ago and has just been rearranging things for the sake or rearranging things over the last handful of iOS updates. We assume, for example, that the inspiration behind the “widgets” that Apple added a while back was “well, we’ve gotta do something” (and that something has been a feature on non-Apple phones for a long time).

But during today’s WWDC 2022 event (via Gizmodo), Apple announced some new features for iOS 16 and… a lot of them are on the “we’ve gotta do something” level. We’re talking about stuff like the new ability to customize your iPhone lock screen with new clock fonts and colors, plus those ever-handy widgets that everyone definitely uses and knows are a thing. The new clocks look neat, and there’s no reason not to play with them once the update hits, but was anyone really waiting for this?

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Similarly, Apple’s CarPlay functionality will soon be able to essentially take over your entire car, replacing your dashboard with multiple screens and iOS widgets (woo!) that replicate the stuff your car already does but with that stylish Apple aesthetic. Of course, you need a car that can actually do that stuff in order to utilize it, and Apple hasn’t announced which vehicles will be compatible yet (we’re going to guess “fancy ones”), so there’s not much we can actually say about that.

But one noteworthy update is the ability to edit messages and even unsend them if you hit the button on accident or whatever. This will presumably only work with iMessage messages (The Hollywood Reporter says as much), meaning only interactions with other iPhone users who have those sweet blue bubbles are going to see these changes. Bad people with the green bubbles will be left unable to unsend bad messages or fix their shameful text message typos.

Another interesting feature is also Messages related, with Apple integrating its SharePlay system into that app so you can listen to music or watch a movie with your friends on your phones. That means there will still be things worth doing once you’ve changed the font of your clock!