Invincible Season 2 Part 2 to End ‘In a Very Interesting Place’

Image via Prime Video
Image via Prime Video
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Now that the second part of Invincible Season 2 has premiered on Prime Video — and with the third season already underway — series creator Robert Kirkman teased that they will be wrapping up Season 2 “in a very interesting place.”

In an interview with Variety, Kirkman revealed that there is still more to unveil in the last three episodes of Season 2 and that they will leave things in a way that will set up the story for Season 3.

“There’s so much yet to come in these final three episodes, and it’s a really, really dense season — there are a lot of characters that we haven’t seen yet who’ll be introduced in these next three episodes. And I’m really excited to get to the finale and for people to see where we’re going, what we’re doing, and how we’ll leave things in Season 2, knowing that Season 3 is on the horizon,” said Kirkman.

He added, “We’re going to be leaving things in a very interesting place as we wrap up the second season, for sure. And don’t forget we need to see what Angstrom is cooking up, and what’s in store for his character.”

Invincible Season 3 is happening

Mark Grayson voice actor Steven Yeun previously told Collider that the creatives behind the show are already working on the third season.

“For us, we know that this big break was not fun. We’ve been working hard to get a lot of backlog done. We wanna time this animation thing appropriately. So, yeah, we’ve been working. We’re banking episodes, we know what’s going on,” said the Beef actor.

Invincible also features the voices of Sandra Oh as Mark’s mother Debbie Grayson, Gillian Jacobs as Atom Eve, Zazie Beetz as Amber, Sterling K. Brown as Angstrom Levy, Walton Goggins as Cecil, Melise as Dupli-Kate, Jason Mantzoukas as Rex, Khary Payton as Black Samson, Jay Pharoah as Bulletproof, and Kevin Michael Richardson as The Mauler Twins, among others.

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 began airing on Prime Video on March 14, followed by new episodes arriving Thursdays.

All two seasons of Invincible are available to stream on Prime Video.

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