Invincible: Does Omni-Man Die in the Comics & Who Could Kill Him?

Does Omni-Man die
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Invincible fans want to know whether or not Omni-Man dies in the comics and which character in the Invincible universe could kill him. Here are all your questions answered.

Does Omni-Man die
Does Omni-Man die

Does Omni-Man die in the Invincible comics?

Yes, Omni-Man dies in the Invincible comics. He dies at the end of the comic series after being killed by Thragg, the former emperor of the Viltrumite Empire.

Towards the end of the comic book series, Omni-Man becomes the new emperor of the Viltrumites after he sentences Thragg to exile instead of killing him as he wants to reform the Viltrumite ways by moving away Viltrumites from their original brutal mindset. However, Omni-Man not killing Thragg when he could proves to be his undoing as Thragg and his most devoted followers begin planning their takeover of more planets and Omni-Man and Invincible’s deaths by producing Viltrumite hybrid children in secret.

When Thragg and his allies attack, Omni-Man, Invincible, and their allies square off against him and his forces. Omni-Man then duels Thragg in a one-on-one match, only for Thragg to easily come out on top. Omni-Man then gets a rather brutal death after Thragg overpowers him and performs a powerful move that tears his heart out, killing him. Invincible then avenges his father by killing Thragg.

Who Could kill Omni-Man in Invincible?

Multiple characters in Invincible could kill Omni-Man, such as Thragg, Battle Beast, Invincible in the later portions of the comic, and Atom Eve at her full potential.

  • Thragg is the most obvious candidate, given how he literally overpowered and killed Omni-Man at the end of the comic run by easily tearing his heart out.

  • Battle Beast is a strong contender. He not only went toe-to-toe against Thragg, one of the strongest Viltrumites, but also gave Invincible near-death experiences. As such, he can beat and possibly kill Omni-Man with great effort.

  • Invincible, towards the comic book’s conclusion, proves himself stronger than Omni-Man, as by that point he has trained intensively and grown considerably stronger.

  • Atom Eve at her full unlocked potential can also kill Omni-Man if she puts in the effort.

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