Astronaut Hygiene With 'Interstellar' Star Anne Hathaway

Gwynne Watkins
·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ever wondered how astronauts take showers in zero gravity? Let Anne Hathaway explain! In preparation for her Interstellar role as space explorer Amelia Brand, Hathaway had a revealing conversation with veteran astronaut Marsha Ivins. “First thing you ask is all the respectful stuff: What does it feel like, and how did you become an astronaut?” Hathaway tells Yahoo Movies. “And by the end you’re like, 'How do you shower?'" The spaceship in Interstellar is equipped with gravity, so the characters take normal showers — but as Marsha Ivins told Hathaway, showering in zero gravity is a very weird process involving floating water blobs. Get all the dirty details in our interview above.