Interscope Capitol Labels Group Executive Teams, Divisions Come Into Focus

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A week after chairman/CEO John Janick introduced the newly-formed Interscope Capitol Labels Group and named several members of his C-suite to top roles, the structure of the divisions of the new company are coming into focus with a slew of announcements.

On Monday (March 11), Janick named the members of Interscope Geffen A&M’s new pop/rock and urban music teams, with 13 executives receiving new remits within the new structure, including three co-presidents of Interscope Geffen A&M. The duo in charge of pop/rock are IGA co-president/head of creative strategy Michelle An and IGA co-president/head of pop/rock A&R Sam Riback, with executives reporting to them including executive vp of pop/rock A&R Matt Morris; co-heads of pop/rock digital Chris Mortimer and Kirsten Stubbs; senior vp of pop/rock marketing Adrian Amodeo; and vp of pop/rock visual creative Chelsea Dodson.

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The urban music team will be lead by IGA co-president/head of urban A&R Nicole Wyskoarko alongside executive vp/head of urban marketing Laura Carter, with president of Geffen urban A&R Aaron “Dash” Sherrod and executive vp/head of urban digital Ramon Alvarez-Smikle. Reporting to them are senior vp of urban marketing and strategy Lola Plaku and senior vp of visual creative/head of urban creative Andrew Ibea.

Interscope Geffen A&M Team
(Top Row L-R) Andrew Ibea, Aaron “Dash” Sherrod, Nicole Wyskoarko, Matt Morris, Chelsea Dodson, Sam Riback, Ramon Alvarez-Smikle, Lola Plaku. (Seated Row L-R) Laura Carter, Kirsten Stubbs, Adrian Amodeo, Chris Mortimer, Michelle An.

Almost all the executives across those two departments continue from Interscope Geffen A&M, where they had previously worked under Janick.

“Each of these executives exemplifies the culture of innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and wide-ranging success that have long defined IGA,” Janick said about them in a statement. “As we continue to solidify our team and finalize the redesign of our broader company, we are creating a modern music company that will set the standard for our industry and provide the optimal environment in which our artists can thrive and achieve excellence in music.”

Today (March 12), Janick named another 13 executives to roles in the corporate leadership of ICLG, working across both IGA and Capitol Music Group, consisting of a mix of executives from both previous labels who will be reporting in to C-suite leaders announced last week.

Steve Berman, ICLG’s vice chairman, will oversee departments that will be led by executive vp of urban promotion Bill Evans; executive vp/head of media Ambrosia Healy; senior vp of sports and gaming Dave Nieman; executive vp/head of strategic marketing & brands Daniel Sena; and senior vp of creative synch licensing Jenny Swiatowy. Of those, Evans, Healy and Swiatowy came from Capitol, while Nieman and Sena remain from Interscope.

ICLG general manager and chief revenue officer Gary Kelly, meanwhile, will oversee departments led by senior vp of production Gretchen Anderson; senior vp of revenue Nicole Csabai; executive vp of international marketing Jurgen Grebner; vp/head of analytics Wayne Laakko; president of promotion/ICLG executive vp Greg Marella; and executive vp of direct-to-consumer strategy Xavier Ramos. Of those, Anderson, Csabai, Grebner, Ramos and Laakko remain from Interscope, while Marella comes from Capitol.

Finally, under ICLG CFO Geoff Harris, who reports to ICLG COO Annie Lee, are vp of A&R administration Steve Cook and vp of artist relations Kim Valderas. Both Cook and Valderas come from Capitol Music Group/Motown Records.

Interscope Capitol Labels Group
(Top Row, L-R) Steve Cook, Xavier Ramos, Jurgen Grebner, Ambrosia Healy, Bill Evans, David Nieman, Wayne Laakko, Nicole Csabai (Seated Row, L-R)Gretchen Anderson, Greg Marella, Kim Valderas, Jenny Swiatowy, Geoff Harris

“Naming these executives to company-wide positions further strengthens and solidifies our redesign of ICLG,” Janick said in a statement about the new positions today. “IGA’s and CMG’s core label teams are now able to draw upon the best-in-class skills and expertise for all of their artists, as well as more ably secure a broad array of opportunities and experiences throughout the world.”

The new Interscope Geffen A&M team joins the recently-installed new executive team at Capitol Music Group, which consists of former Geffen boss Tom March as chairman/CEO and UMPG veteran Lilia Parsa as president, following the departures of prior CMG chair/CEO Michelle Jubelirer and president Arjun Pulijal. The moves are all part of the major overhaul of the Universal Music Group label structure that UMG chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge first announced on Feb. 1, which moved UMG’s West Coast labels — Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Capitol, Blue Note, Priority, Verve and Motown — under Janick’s purview at ICLG, and its East Coast labels — consisting mostly of Republic, Def Jam, Island and Mercury — under Republic co-founder and CEO Monte Lipman. News of the new East Coast structure is also expected soon. The company has been going through extensive layoffs in the past week, as IGA and Capitol formally merge together and the East Coast teams are being solidified.

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