The Interrupters Break Down New Album In The Wild Track by Track: Exclusive

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The post The Interrupters Break Down New Album In The Wild Track by Track: Exclusive appeared first on Consequence.

The Interrupters return today (August 5th) with their fourth full-length album, the raging In The Wild. The record sees the band steeped in the sounds of classic ska and punk, led by Aimee Interrupter’s engaging vocals and raw lyricism.

Of course, raw lyrics, energetic performances, and a general “fuck you!” attitude are to be expected from a band that opened for Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer on the “Hella Mega Tour” and that is currently on the road with Flogging Molly (check out The Interrupters and Flogging Molly’s episode of Two for the Road below). What’s more surprising, however, is how easily The Interrupters seem to fit in with these rock giants, standing tall against some of the biggest names in the genre.

In The Wild justifies such confidence, showcasing a band that continues to look forward without compromise. The new songs are catchy as ever, exhibit the band’s admiration for the history of ska punk, and bare a newfound level of vulnerability.

“I had to take inventory of my life and face all the pain I was running from. I had to be completely sober. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Aimee Interrupter tells Consequence. “Music heals and it’s always healed me. I just wrote my truth and I hope in some small way, my story will help someone, and they can see their story in mine and know they are not alone.”

Unapologetic lyrics are far from In The Wild’s only defining characteristic, however, as the record is a clear labor of love from the four-piece. Drummer Jesse Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, and guitarist Kevin Bivona each bring their own emotional intensity to Aimee’s tales of mental health, self-destruction, and addiction.

“I think we grew closer as a band making this record,” Kevin Bivona tells Consequence. “We were locked down. We only had each other and we really leaned on one another throughout the process. We all feel really close to this record. Everyone put 100% of themselves into their performances and the songwriting.”

The result is 14 tracks of impassioned, welcoming rock music. It’s the continuation of the rise of The Interrupters. Check out The Interrupters’ In The Wild below, followed by Aimee and Kevin’s breakdown of each track on the album.

“Anything Was Better”:

This song is the story of my escape from not necessarily a location but from the pain and trauma of my upbringing. It’s also a story of hope and seeking refuge in the unknown. I said goodbye to everyone and everything I ever knew because in my mind anything was better than where I was from.

“As We Live (feat. Tim Armstrong & Rhoda Dakar)”:

“As We Live” is a celebration of life and love and the realization that all we have is right now in this very moment. This song captures the urgency of feeling we are running out of time to be who want to be and say what we want to say. Life is too short to not live an authentic life. I’ve struggled with depression for so long in my life — this song feels like an anthem of victory over it… even if only for a moment while I’m dancing. It is truly humbling to have musical legends, Tim Armstrong and Rhoda Dakar co-writing and singing this one with us.

“Raised By Wolves”:

In my formative years, I grew up with a lot of turmoil and abuse in the house. I had no consistent parental figures to turn to and I couldn’t trust anyone. I ended up in a foster home and moved around a lot throughout my childhood. This set the stage for many missteps in my life. I truly feel that I was raised by wolves… in the wild. This song is me coming to terms with that and forgiving those who I expected to be there for me, while also forgiving myself.

“In The Mirror”:

I fell into so many self-destructive patterns trying to come to terms with my childhood. I spent so long trying to run from the pain. No matter how far I ran, there I was… I realized I needed to make peace with who I saw in the mirror.

“Kiss The Ground”:

The only way to find peace when I am at my lowest of lows is by searching for the things I am grateful for. With extreme highs come extreme lows. This song is about finding gratitude even in the darkest of moments.


This song is about feeling like a prisoner in my own mind. I’ve dealt with a lifetime of severe anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, trichotillomania, and panic attacks. I’ve tried everything under the sun to treat my mental health. Some days are better than others. This song is about how cycles can repeat. Thankfully, screaming these lyrics at the top of my lungs brings some relief from the very hell I am singing about.

“The Hard Way”:

This song is about growing up and looking back with a conscious awareness of my mistakes. I learned everything the hard way. Literally. Definitely went through a phase where I thought I knew everything. Now, it seems the older I get the less I know.

“My Heart”:

This song is for my sweet Daisy. I got her when she was just a puppy and she was my best friend. For 13 years we were inseparable and she gave me purpose. She saved my life. In 2018, I had to say goodbye. This song is about the grief I continue to carry and am unsure about how to move past.

“Let ‘Em Go”:

This is my theme song to the many abusers, controllers, narcissists, and manipulators that I’ve been unlucky enough to know in my life. I really hope anybody out there in a similar situation finds solace knowing they are not alone in their experience and that they can leave these people and situations behind.

“Worst Of Me”:

I think everyone has at least one frenemy: an enemy posing as a friend. Someone who smiles to your face and says that they root for you but actually want you to fail. Whether it’s rooted in jealousy or other nefarious motives these types of people are not my type of people.

“Love Never Dies (feat. The Skints)”:

This song is another snapshot of the paralyzing reality of processing grief. The silver lining and double-edged sword is that the love we feel for that person never goes away. We carry it with us forever. The beautiful three-part harmonies and instruments added by our friends in The Skints create a landscape that perfectly captures the bittersweet essence of this song’s message.

“Burdens (feat. Alex Désert & Greg Lee of Hepcat)”:

There are so many stories of people who lived long lives, saying on their deathbed, “I wish I had worried less.” This song is a reminder to never let the everyday worries and burdens of life get the best of us. This song is a celebration of life and it is such an honor to have the incredible vocals of Alex and Greg from one of our favorite bands, Hepcat, on this one. They add soulful and powerful energy that jumps right out of the speakers.


I think we unconsciously gravitate towards familiar energy even if it’s bad for us. I was abused as a child and found myself in a very abusive relationship as a young adult. This song is a look back on that time in my life and realizing how much I’ve grown since then. I am able to find gratitude for having gone through those awful years because of the strength I now have. I hope this song helps anyone who has been in or is still in the same place I was. It’s an awful, helpless feeling but you can make it out… I did.


I’ve always felt like a spiritual being having a human experience and not the other way around. Growing up with trichotillomania and painting my eyelids with sharpies at 8 years old was just the beginning of feeling like I didn’t belong. I know there are people out there like me who feel the same, and when I find them, I hold them close.

The Interrupters Break Down New Album In The Wild Track by Track: Exclusive
Jonah Krueger

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