An Internet User Just Found A Brand New Reason To Roast Madame Web's Creative Choices, And Of Course It's Going Viral

 Dakota Johnson in Madame Web.
Dakota Johnson in Madame Web.

The superhero genre continues to dominate the entertainment industry, especially thanks to the MCU (which is streaming with a Disney+ subscription). But there are other shared universes in play, including Sony's Spider-Man Universe of Characters. The latest movie to come out f that franchise is Madame Web, which is now available to stream with a Netflix subscription. An internet user just found a brand new reason to roast Madame Web's creative choices, and of course it's going viral.

Upon its release, Madame Web bombed at the box office and also performed poorly with critics (see CinemaBlend's Madame Web review here). Way more eyes are on the movie thanks to its availability on Netflix, leading it to go viral all over again. One tweet pointed out the absolutely wild ADR used throughout the film, check it out below:

Yikes. While ADR is very common in TV and film projects, it's usually a bit more subtle. In this case Tahar Rahim's mouth is definitely not matching what the villainous Ezekiel Sims is saying. What's more, it sounds completely different than the tone of his scene partner Zosia Mamet.

While the ADR was mentioned by critics responding to Madame Web, it's even more wild now that fans can re-watch via Netflix. The above tweet quickly went viral, and the responses are pretty wild too. The same twitter user took umbrage with Rahim's lines themselves, in addition to the way they were added to the film. Their popular comment reads:

My favorite part is that they felt the need to give him lines explaining why he doesn't want to be murdered.

The use of villain Ezekiel Sims has definitely been a point of contention for moviegoers since the release of Madame Web, in addition to the trio of new heroes only being suited up for a few short moments throughout its runtime. Reports claim that Sims' motivations were unclear for test audiences, resulting in a ton of ADR being added after the fact. Unfortunately, that has seemingly only made the movie even more viral.

Despite talent like Sydney Sweeney attached and Dakota Johnson's hilariously bonkers press tour for Madame Web, not that many people saw the movie in theaters. But Netflix will see it being released all over the world, and it should be fun to see how that affects the possibility of a future.

Madame Web in many ways feels like a prequel for another movie which will allow its stars to finally portray their superhero personas. But given how poorly it performed, that seems unlikely. Still, fans like me are hoping that Sydney Sweeney gets another chance as Spider-Woman, especially since she's got a background in MMA.

Madame Web is streaming now on Netflix, in all its ADR glory. For now, check the 2024 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.