The Internet Is Dragging Kylie Jenner’s Latest Business Endeavor for a Very Valid Reason

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Kylie Jenner might be the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but she has kept pace with her older sisters in terms of launching her own beauty and clothing brands. With a successful beauty empire and a spot on Forbes‘ list of the youngest self-made billionaires, Jenner has now embarked on a new venture: Khy, an “affordable” clothing line that has some fans not only balking at the prices, but at how similar the pieces look to those from much more budget-friendly retailers.

Jenner’s past ventures, while commercially successful, have not been without controversy. Her swimwear line was met with criticism over high prices and questionable quality. Similarly, her skincare line, Kylie Skin, faced backlash over a potentially harmful walnut scrub back when it was launched in 2019. Now, her fashion collaboration with Berlin-based Namilia, Khy, is catching some heat from critics pointing out that a lot of the pieces look exactly like clothes and accessories you can find on Amazon — except Khy is double the price.

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“Not Kylie selling Amazon $20 gloves for $40 as her own brand Khy lmao,” wrote one user on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, posting side-by-side photos of black faux leather gloves as proof. “They got Khy dupes from Amazon in the comments. Not one original bone in their bodies 😭 let’s see how long it lasts,” commented another perplexed user.

Adding to the Khy controversy is the fact that designer Betsy Johnson (not to be confused with iconic punk designer Betsey Johnson) has accused Jenner of outright stealing her designs for her own label, Products. “We emailed Kylie and all her team concept and language and a line sheet 6 MONTHS AGO,” the designer wrote on her Instagram stories Wednesday, per AceShowBiz. “”INTERESTING CONCEPT KYLIE:…. INTERESTING. Thanks for the co-sign F*** your support.” Johnson added, “Trash move from @namilia also.”

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Fans and critics alike are keeping a watchful eye on how Khy navigates this storm just days after launching. Will Jenner take these critiques as constructive feedback and incorporate them into her business strategy? Or is all of this controversy just another part of the seemingly unstoppable Kar-Jenner promotion machine? Only time will tell.

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