‘Insulting’ WNBA Draft Projection: Angel Reese As No. 8 Only Fuels Her Fire!

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The recent WNBA draft predictions made by ESPN have further motivated Louisiana State University basketball star Angel Reese as she begins her senior year. Projected as the No. 8 draft pick, LSU coach Kim Mulkey called it an "insult" to Reese, but it's fueling her fire to work harder this season.

Angel Reese Projected To Be The No. 8 WNBA Draft Pick By ESPN

Angel Reese taking a selfie.
Instagram | Angel Reese

Reese, 21, just began her senior year at LSU and is gearing up for the season opener in Las Vegas against Colorado on November 6.


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Mulkey said in a recent news conference that being predicted as the No. 8 draft pick is insulting, and that she's talked to Reese about what she needs to be working on this season.

"That was an insult to her. We talked about the things she needs to work on. Whether she gets picked higher than that or not, it still motivates her," Mulkey said at the news conference, according to The Daily Advertiser. "She gets motivated in practice with someone going head-to-head with her or talking trash back at her. She's a competitor. I think she wants to be a good leader."

Angel Reese

Reese helped LSU secure their first ever NCAA championship last season as team captain of the LSU Tigers. That win catapulted Reese into the public eye and made her one of the top college basketball players to watch.

"Last year, she was learning as she went along in a leadership role," Mulkey said. "Because of that experience, I think now she may be a better leader. She's a special talent."

Reese was recently named the NCAA tournament's Most Outstanding Player. She leads college women's basketball NIL ranking and has secured deals with many brands, including McDonald's and Coach.

Angel Reese Was Named One Of Glamour Magazine's College Women Of The Year

Angel Reese
Angel Reese - Instagram

Reese can now add being named as one of Glamour Magazine's College Woman of the Year to her long list of amazing accomplishments.

"For Angel Reese, basketball is a family thing. Her mother was a professional player, as is her brother. Following an injury and surgery her freshman year, though, the Louisiana State University basketball phenom and household name was struggling, but knew she was destined for more," Glamour Magazine's Instagram announcement reads.


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Reese sat down with basketball legend Lisa Leslie to talk about all her success, goals, and anything else that entered the chat.

Reese revealed that sports was something she'd always been involved in from an early age.

"I was active in sports from a young age. I started playing basketball when I was four, and my mom introduced me to various other activities," she told Leslie. "In high school, I also dabbled in volleyball and even took up track alongside my involvement in softball. So it's been a bit of a journey, but basketball has always held a special place in my heart."

As much as she has always loved basketball, achieving all she has so far wasn't always what she envisioned.

"I just wanted to play basketball and have fun and enjoy the game. I didn’t know I would have such a voice as I do now and be an inspiration to others," she said. "I always just wanted to play basketball, pursue my education, and strive to achieve my dreams, which include making it to the NBA. I never envisioned I’d be at the status that I am at right now."

'Insulting' WNBA Draft Projection: Angel Reese As No. 8 Only Fuels Her Fire!

As for Reece's current goals, her main focus is "being a positive team leader for my team." She also aspires to win another national championship and get into the WNBA.

"This is my senior year, and I have the opportunity to declare for the WNBA this year if I choose to. So my main focus is being a positive leader for my team, especially with new players joining us. I want to inspire and support my teammates, especially the freshmen and transfers who are adapting to our system," she explained.

"Our ultimate goal is to win another national championship, but personally, I aspire to make it to the WNBA. While I do have the option for another year, I do want to get out of college, start life outside of school, and pursue my WNBA dreams. It’s been a challenging but rewarding four years, and I’m excited to continue improving at LSU and beyond."