How Instagram Celebrity Gossip Accounts Are Changing Tabloid Media

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Did you know that J. Lo (supposedly) has a clause in her contracts requiring 90 beauty items, 28 of which are for hair products alone? Or that a certain A-list female celeb (allegedly) has a burner account on Twitter dedicated to… photos of other celebrities’ knees? Before you ask, no, none of this is verified. But that hasn’t stopped more than 800,000 people from following @deuxmoi, a private-but-not-really account on Instagram that began crowdsourcing and sharing original celebrity gossip last March. But @deuxmoi isn’t the only online account spilling the tea; there are dozens of celebrity gossip accounts with massive followings on social media that are reinventing gossip culture. And the phenomenon gained new currency earlier this year when the anonymous Instagram account @houseofeffie first surfaced accusations against Armie Hammer that led him to drop out of two film/TV projects and publicly deny accusations of rape. (More on that in a moment.) Some of these upstart gossip accounts have been around for more than four years, including @commentsbycelebs, an Instagram account launched in 2017 that tracks celebrity interactions on social media and earned followers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Tiegen; Tea Spill, a YouTube gossip account with over 1.6 million...

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