Inside Wisin y Yandel’s Farewell Tour: ‘We Haven’t Said When It’s Going to Finish’

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Capping off a career that spans over 20 years, Puerto Rico’s reggaetón heroes Wisin y Yandel have embarked on their final tour as a duo: La Última Misión (The Ultimate Mission). Presented by Live Nation, the trek will visit over 20 U.S. cities, culminating in a historic 14-day residency at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot.

Come 2023, the goal is to expand to other regions as well. “Since this will be our last run together, we want to visit fans in every corner of the world,” says Wisin. Though the members announced their retirement in early 2022, the legendary pair plans to release a final album this fall and a documentary detailing their life stories. “It’s the last mission,” adds Yandel, “but we haven’t said when it’s going to finish.”

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The Último Fans

Yandel says the biggest lesson the duo has learned is that its hard work hasn’t been taken for granted: The last time the pair played Puerto Rico’s famed coliseum (eight dates in 2018), it became, and still remains, the venue’s top-attended engagement. “Now we’re seeing the results in a very beautiful way with our fans,” he says, adding how genuine the support feels because there isn’t new music out yet. “This tour is giving us something that we’ve never felt before.”

The Último Advice

When thinking of words of wisdom to share with emerging artists, Wisin stresses two things: “New talents have to understand that things will turn out bad on many occasions [and] that it takes time.” He believes in being prepared and also leaning on those around you. “It’s teamwork, it’s discipline, and it’s not from one day to the next. Sometimes things will come out incredible and other times not. That’s the business.”

The Último Residency

Performing a two-week residency at the coliseum is about “more than a concert and breaking a record,” says Wisin. “It’s about performing in your hometown for your people. It’s about seeing a united town enjoying live music. These 14 shows will become a Latin party, and for me, it’s very important that it be in my hometown.”

This story originally appeared in the Sept. 17, 2022, issue of Billboard.

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