Inside Out’s Sadness Is Going Viral For Busting A Move At Disneyland, And The Internet Can't Get Enough

 Sadness in Inside Out.
Sadness in Inside Out.

This week, Pixar Fest debuted at Disneyland Resort, and it’s apparently so much fun that even Inside Out’s Sadness is getting down on the dancefloor, and knowing Sadness, that took a lot of prodding! As the festivities got underway at the California theme park, Sadness has gone viral for her dance moves, especially because it’s such a meme-able mood.

One Twitter user shared a video focusing on the character of Sadness at Disneyland’s Club Pixar For Kids, which is a massive dance party for the family to enjoy while at the theme park. Here’s what it looks like when the Inside Out character decides to bust a move:

While the other dancers around Sadness are bringing tons of energy to the dance performance, Sadness is really in character. She can be seen doing the moves more slowly than her Pixar crew and even wiping away tears as she does the choreography. As Scott Gustin wrote, “Sadness is walking on sunshine … sorta.” He is referring to the song in the background “Walking On Sunshine,” which hilariously foils the mood Sadness is bringing to her dancing.

The video has gone absolutely viral, landing over six million views in the past two days. It’s especially gaining traction thanks to people adding their own captions to the video. Check out these comments:

  • "I’ve never felt so seen in all my life."

  • “Me at work everyday”

  • "Me adding a 5th exclamation point to a work email."

  • “when i’ve been at the club more than an hour”

  • "🎶i'm so depressed i act like its my birthdayy, every day🎶"

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Sadness is of course a relatable emotion to anyone, considering its one of the basic emotions everyone has in their repertoire, as imaginatively illustrated in Pixar’s Inside Out. On Twitter, tons of people added their own commentary to the video, sharing how it felt very relatable to their inner feelings, especially when it comes to working that 9-to-5 or being on the dancefloor a tad too long.

One of the best and most popular reactions involved quoting one of Taylor Swift’s new songs, “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart.” In the song from Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department, the singer describes performing in her record-breaking Eras Tour amidst dealing with sadness of her own. This video of Sadness busting a move just goes with the lyrics all too well!

Sadness will return to cinemas this summer, when Pixar’s Inside Out sequel is released on the 2024 movie schedule on June 14. The movie will follow the inner workings of Riley’s mind as she becomes a teenager. You can check out what other upcoming Disney movies are on the way here on CinemaBlend. And hey, if Sadness strikes, maybe dancing it out is the right energy!?!