The Cry Countdown: Our Chart of the Most Tearjerking Pixar Movies

Given the subject matter, it’s no surprise that Inside Out is an emotional movie. But how does Pixar’s latest — about a group of personified emotions inside an 11-year-old girl’s brain — stack up against the studio’s other tearjerkers? After all, Pixar movies have a knack for wringing tears out of the even most jaded moviegoers.

Has any film moment ever raised Kleenex’s stock more than the first ten minutes of Up? Can any former child watch Andy give away his toys in Toy Story 3 without experiencing a pang? And can any parent bear the separation anxiety of Finding Nemo? Even though it has the requisite happy ending, Inside Out has a few moments (Oh, Bing Bong…) that rival Pixar’s most tearjerking scenes. In case you’re wondering how many tissues to bring to the theater, here’s a handy comparison chart to see how the sobs stack up.

Designed by Jayme Perry