Inside Kirstie Alley's Estate Sale: TikToker Gives Walkthrough of Late Actress' Stunning Housewares (Exclusive)

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An unsuspecting thrifter found a treasure of the late "Look Who's Talking" actress' beloved possessions

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Bob D'Amico /American Broadcasting Companies via Getty; Courtesy of Sophie Schiff

Kirstie Alley (left), Kirstie Alley's dress
  • Sophie Schiff documents her antiquing and vintage buys on @irvingroad

  • She was advised by her sister and partner to check out an estate sale earlier this week, then learned it was that of Kirstie Alley when she arrived

  • Schiff admired her belongings and got to observe what Alley meant to her fans

One Florida antiquer got quite the surprise when an estate sale they visited happened to be that of a beloved late star.

Sophie Schiff, who lives in Tampa and is one half of @irvingroad on TikTok, checked out a Clearwater estate sale, only to discover it was that of the late Kirstie Alley. Alley died at 71 in December 2022.

"My sister and I, two years ago started a little business called Irving Road as a fun, part-time thing. We do antique and vintage thrifting, mostly of home decor. My sister lives in Colorado and I live in Tampa, Florida. And on Tuesday, she sent me like a link and was like, 'You have to go to this estate sale,' " Schiff tells PEOPLE.

The event didn't have the actress' name attached to the sale itself, which began at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 1. As news spread throughout the line, "people were freaking out."

"People in that small area of Clearwater knew it was her stuff. I've heard her name and recognized her when I looked her up, but I wasn't a 'fan,' so I was surprised to learn that it was her things."

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To get in, Schiff waited "about 35 to 40 minutes in line" to enter the warehouse storefront where Alley's possessions were displayed.

"They didn't have it at her house because that sold about a year ago. The way they set it up, there were all her clothes and shoes in one area. Her garden stuff and animal cages were outside. She had these huge lemur cages and bird cages, and all of that was pretty cool to see. Then they had a whole kitchen section and it was set up, really, really pretty."

While Schiff didn't get what she'd set out for, she was impressed by the selection.

"I went almost right when it opened and some things were gone in two seconds. She had a collection of Staffordshire dogs, these little dog figurines. She had about 10 or more of those. One couple came and got every single one of those within the first few minutes. People were grabbing the artwork really quickly. There were these beautiful fine china sets that were priced really fairly."

<p>Courtesy of Sophie Schiff</p> Sophie waiting on line at Kirstie Alley estate sale

Courtesy of Sophie Schiff

Sophie waiting on line at Kirstie Alley estate sale

For someone familiar with estate sales and antiquing, Schiff says the prices overall "were really fair. It really wasn't bad at all if you know what pricing should be like for these things. I got seven or eight things for a total of around $100."

"She had a really pretty bar cart that was $1,500, which obviously seems like a lot for a little bar cart, but somebody said it was Chanel, so for that? It was a good price when online it goes for $5,000."

Schiff says the items ranged "from pieces for a $1 to a dress that she wore in a Jenny Craig commercial. It was on display and on sale for $18,000, which is crazy unless you're looking for that kind of collectible."

Fans who looked at the actress' clothes could also picture her in them. "With a lot of the clothing, they had pictures of her wearing the items alongside the piece. So some were from TV shows, red carpet events, stuff like that. Same with the bigger pieces in her house — they had pictures of them as they were decorated in her house, so you can see which items she used and how she used them."

<p>Courtesy of Sophie Schiff</p> Kirstie Alley's bar cart

Courtesy of Sophie Schiff

Kirstie Alley's bar cart

Some die-hard fans were determined to "leave with something, just because it was hers."

"Some people had just a pot or a single knife," she says.

"Another thing I saw is that they had her boxes that would say, 'Kirstie china sets' or 'Kirstie kitchen' from when they were moving her things. And people were grabbing them to take them."

Sharing her initial scenes from the day on TikTok, Schiff had no idea there would be so much interest. The video quickly went viral.

<p>Courtesy of Sophie Schiff</p> Binder with one of Kirstie Alley's scripts

Courtesy of Sophie Schiff

Binder with one of Kirstie Alley's scripts

"We started on Instagram, and then a few months ago, I made a TikTok to kind of take people along on shopping trips and finding cool things. All of that has been super fun," she shares.

On the video from the estate sale, "A lot of people in the comments were debating her personal life and life decisions and what they did or didn't agree with. I was like, 'Truthfully, it's cool that it was a celebrity's stuff, but I was mainly there for the pretty decor.' "

Between her wait to get in and the hour she explored inside, Schiff believes she saw "a couple of hundred people."

<p>Courtesy of Sophie Schiff</p> Kirstie Alley's dress

Courtesy of Sophie Schiff

Kirstie Alley's dress

"It was crowded inside, very hard to move around. And by the time that I left, the line was just as long. They had crazy security. They were only letting one in as one came out, so that's why it took long. And there are no shopping carts, so it's crazy trying to hold onto everything, especially the fragile stuff."

Schiff left with "a couple of Fenton glass pieces, a few single plates, miscellaneous kitchenwares. The most I spent on one piece was $45."

"She had really pretty stuff. It's cool to see different things, like the pieces from Dancing With The Stars. That's a show I love so that was cool to see."

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