Inside Jessie James Decker’s Family Drama Through the Years: A Timeline

Ups and downs. Jessie James Decker’s family has made headlines through the years, from their once-tight reality TV bond to a years-long rift. The Just Jessie author is known for her infectious country songs, Kittenish fashion brand and her busy brood. The “Should Have Known Better” songstress — who wed former football player Eric Decker in June 2013 — became a reality TV personality in 2013 when E! ordered an Eric & Jessie docuseries to document their Colorado wedding plans. As the married couple — who share daughter Vivianne and sons Eric and Forrest — chronicled their relationship milestones, her family came along for the ride, including mom Karen Parker, sister Sydney Rae Bass (née James) and brother John James. “I got some shirts printed and one says ‘Maw Maw’ for my mom, and one says ‘Lala’ for my sister,” Bass — who wed baseball player Anthony Bass in January 2017 — said during a September 2017 episode of the reality TV series, revealing the sex of her first baby. “My mom is called ‘Maw Maw’ because that was her grandmother’s name and that was one of her favorite people. And my sister [is] ‘Lala.’ I called her ‘Lala’ growing up, I have no idea how I came up with that, doesn’t sound like Jessica at all, and we both actually have ‘Lala’ tattoos.” While Jessie and Sydney’s close sibling bond has been showcased on and off camera, their connection with young brother John has been rocky. “I did not think there was a chance we would all be together in one room. Not a chance at all,” John — who is married to Ali James (née Green) — said during an appearance on the “Spillover” podcast in May 2022, revealing he hadn’t spoken to his siblings in several years. “[My mom] wanted us to all be together for our birthday and I was really on the fence about going because I just didn’t want to go and then it be awkward — granted, you know, some of us haven’t talked in years." He added: "We decided to do that for her. And it was honestly amazing. It was amazing, not only for us, but for the kids as well, like seeing all the kids play together was … it sounds silly to say, but it felt like a dream come true.” The siblings’ relationship had previously made headlines after Jessie and the family matriarch seemingly unfollowed John and Ali, who share daughters Emmy and Callie, on social media. Jessie, for her part, seldom addressed the falling out before breaking down in an emotional Instagram message in June 2022. “I’ve had some family issues a couple years ago that I have struggled with tremendously and still to this day make me break down and cry,” the cookbook author wrote in a lengthy social media statement. “I would’ve never chosen to deal with that publicly and open that door to such a personal family matter, but it happened, and it still hurts my heart.” She continued: “I have a very blessed life with healthy children and an incredibly loving rock of a husband. But I have definitely struggled these past couple years. My anxiety has gotten worse [as has] my self-esteem [and] my confidence.” Scroll below for a complete timeline of the family’s relationship highs and lows: