'Inside Amy Schumer': Details on the Massive Wine Glass Used in 'Football Town Nights'


Now that we’ve all talked about the important issue raised in the Inside Amy Schumer Season 3 premiere sketch “Football Town Nights” (watch it again below), can we talk about that wine glass?

Throughout the vignette, which tackled rape culture via a Friday Night Lights spoof, the Coach’s wife’s wine glass grows larger and larger. Inside Amy Schumer co-creator Dan Powell tells Yahoo TV that Schumer was adamant that the last wine glass be massive. “I remember typing into the stage direction of the sketch, ‘Amy holding the largest wine receptacle that has ever been seen on television.’ I cannot tell you where John [Udell, the show’s head prop master] found that thing,” Powell says. “It truly is amazing. That’s why Amy is not holding it. It’s on a bench in front of her, and she’s just kind of leaning on it, because between the amount of glass and all of the liquid that was in the glass, it was way too heavy for her to hold up.”

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We reached out to Udell, who emailed us more details:

I suppose it was inevitable that for the third season of Inside Amy Schumer,  I would be on the hunt for — as the script for “Football Town Nights” specified — “the largest wine receptacle that has ever been created for television.” Over the course of the first two seasons, the drinks got successively bigger, more elaborate. And Amy likes to hold a cocktail in almost every sketch. The gigantic wine glass that we ultimately used for the end of “Football Town Nights” turned out to be fairly easy to find — you can procure pretty much anything online if you know where to look. The difficulty lay in the logistics of physically getting the 4-foot-tall glass to set, and in one piece.

It took over three weeks just for it to be shipped to New York. Once here, it took up ample real estate in the office and clogged up the entire center aisle of the truck. Then there was the matter of having the giant prop function as a practical wine glass — it was meant to be used as a display centerpiece for wine bottles and beers on ice, not to be actually drunk out of. We could only fill it with about 4 gallons of watered-down white grape juice before it became unmanageable. It probably weighed 40 pounds in the end — almost too heavy for Amy to lift on her own, but we did manage to get a few takes of her chugging it. Can’t wait for the wine glass twice her size for Season 4!

Inside Amy Schumer airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.