Injury-Plagued Madonna Cancels Last North American Show of Madame X Tour: 'Indescribable Pain'

Per doctor’s orders, Madonna is canceling the last North American show of her Madame X tour because of injury.

On Tuesday, the 61-year-old pop legend opened up to fans on Instagram about the pain she has experienced in recent performances on the tour.

Sharing a video of a moment in her show that requires her to ascend a ladder, Madonna wrote that the maneuvers left her in tears.

“As I climbed the ladder to sing Batuka On Saturday night in Miami I was in tears from the pain of my injuries, Which has been indescribable for the past few days,” she captioned the clip on Instagram. “With every song I sang, I said a prayer that I would make it to the next and get thru the show. My prayers were answered, And I made it.”

The “Material Girl” singer — who resumed her tour after canceling a few dates earlier this month due to what she described as “overwhelming pain” — wrote that though she has chosen to power through in the past, she now must take precautions to avoid irreparable injuries.

“I consider myself a warrior I never quit, I never give in, I never give up!!” she continued. “However this time I have to listen to my body And accept that my pain is a warning I want to say how deeply sorry I am to all my fans. For having to cancel my last show.”

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Madame X, Madonna’s 14th studio album, was released in June.

While her Miami shows marked the close of the North American part of the tour, Madonna still has European tour stops scheduled between January and March.

“I spent the last two days with doctors Scans, ultra sounds, Xrays Poking and probing and more tears,” she added in her Instagram caption. “They have made it very clear to me that if l am to continue my tour — I must rest for as long as possible so that I don’t inflict further and Irreversible damage to my body.”

The decision, it would seem, was not made lightly by the icon known for her elaborate performances and showmanship. But she says she doesn’t regret her decision to prioritize her health.

“I have never let an injury stop me from performing but this time i have to accept that there is no shame in being human and having to press the pause button,” Madonna wrote. “I thank you all for your understanding, love and support.”

Madonna, May 2019 | Ethan Miller/Getty
Madonna, May 2019 | Ethan Miller/Getty

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She added: “Things have got to change. And they will because MADAME X. is a fighter!! Happy Holidays to Everyone ♥️🎄”

Last month, Madonna canceled three Boston concerts between Nov. 30 and Dec. 2 because of injury, apologizing to fans in a statement about the decision.

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events,” the singer said at the time. “Doing my show every night brings me so much joy and to cancel is a kind of punishment for me.”

However, she added, “The pain I’m in right now is overwhelming and I must rest and follow doctor’s orders so I can come back stronger and better and continue the Madame X journey with all of you.”

Madonna hasn’t specified what is causing her pain, but BBC News previously reported a torn ligament and “bad knee” was plaguing the performer. In an Instagram post in November, Madonna showed fans her “usual Ice Bath for multiple injuries” and thanked her “gang-gang for being my hype squad!”