Influencer couple under fire for cancelling adoption due to 'social media' rules

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Photo via NikkiPhillippi YouTube
Photo via NikkiPhillippi YouTube

YouTube influencers Nikki and Dan Phillippi are in hot water after a 2018 video titled "We're not adopting from Thailand anymore" has resurfaced on social media.

In the 26-minute video, the couple detailed the reason behind their decision not to adopt a baby from Thailand. While the pair were initially thrilled to adopt a child, they quickly changed their minds after learning that they wouldn't legally be allowed to share footage of the child on social media for one year after adoption, as per regulations mandated by the Thai government.

“Nikki’s got a YouTube channel,” Dan said in the video. “We share a whole lot.”

“When that hit we literally were like ‘Oh what?’ So we were like going round the houses like trying to figure out how this could work like ‘Hashtag baby blur face,'" Nikki added.

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The couple feared that by accidentally disregarding the rules, they could ruin the adoption agency's relationship with Thailand.

"I almost Snapchatted while I was signing an NDA once [sic],” Nikki said. “I’m going to totally mess up, and then I’ll ruin it for other families.”

According to the couple, they did not feel comfortable with the prospect of the Thai government being involved in their family post-adoption.

“It came down to, I could make some people mad or there could be cultural differences that end up making someone decide, ‘Oh we actually don’t want you to have our kids, so they’re coming home," she explained. “We just want the ability to do what we want to do without possibly causing harm or repercussions to other people and an entire organization for that matter."

Since the video has resurfaced, people have been quick to point out how problematic the couple's content has been.

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"Friendly reminder that Nikki Phillippi and her husband didn’t adopt a child from Thailand solely because the Thailand government ruled that they weren’t allowed to exploit their child by filming them or posting photos of them online. Just saying," one person tweeted.

"Let’s also not forget that Nikki Phillippi decided not to adopt or take in a foster child after they were told they couldn’t display them all over YouTube for money. Are we surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes," added another.

The backlash comes just weeks after the couple admitted to putting down the healthy Bull Terrier that they had for 10 years. On May 4, the pair shared a video that was immediately met with outrage.

“We have some really sad news,” Nikki wrote to her 434,000 followers in an Instagram post, before explaining her and Dan's decision to euthanize their dog, Bowser, after he bit their son, Logan.

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“Bowser had an aggressive side that reared its ugly head a few times over the years and recently he bit Logan,” she continued. “After a lot of counsel, we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully on. We didn’t want to make this decision, as I’m sure you can imagine."

Photo via NikkiPhillippi YouTube
Photo via NikkiPhillippi YouTube

“I’m not kidding when I say this was one of the saddest days of my life," Nikki added. She also revealed that she and Dan did try to re-home the dog, but were advised that he was too old to be adopted.

Naturally, their announcement was met with a ton of resistance from people who found the dog's death to be needless.

"The whole Nikki Phillippi situation is...What in the actual f—-? The poor little pup did not deserve to die, but only after having a photo shoot first? Why did they think any of that was ok? So sad. Who does that? I’m baffled," someone tweeted.

Another person revealed that a petition has been started to demonetize the couple's YouTube channel, and it has already collected upward of 25,000 signatures.

The couple has since disabled their YouTube comments and made their social media profiles private.

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